Welcome to the VS Family

The story of VS Mani & Co. starts in a quiet, idyllic corner of Madras, where I lived with my parents, and my doting grandparents, VS Thatha and Rajam Paati. From them, I learnt to appreciate the gentle joys of living - Thatha’s supreme enjoyment of coffee, Paati’s melodious humming as she went about her work, their amicable banter when they occasionally joined forces in the kitchen.

A lot of love went around at home, and one of the chief ways it found expression was through delicious food and snacks.

VS Mani & Co. is my attempt to recapture the familial warmth and love that enveloped us. When you sample the wholesome delicacies that brought us together, I hope you are reminded of your home and family too.

With love, From our home to yours.

GD Prasad

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