Our Story

V Subramaniam or VS or thatha for us, was a man of simple joys. Coffee or kaapi, like every other South Indian household, enjoyed pride of place in our humble home. And growing up, we watched and learned to love thatha's attention to detail and perfection, that extended to his cup of coffee as he completed all his morning rituals like clockwork. We’d see him hunched over the newspaper with a steel flask of coffee by his side, as he thumbed through the pages and yet was careful not to leave a crease or stain as he took sips—reading the news delivered from all over the world to his home at #20, 1st Main Road, Madras. 

Although every pack is a way of honouring VS’s memory and perfectionism, it has also morphed into a reminder of the magic in little joys. Picture this: it’s pouring outside and you pour yourself a steaming hot cup of coffee, fill a bowl with an assortment of snacks you can find at home—murukku, chips or biscuits—and drag a chair out to your balcony. MAGIC! And we wish to deliver that magic to you. Every time you order from us, we raise a toast to thatha’s life and his love for flavourful coffee and snacks.

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