Filter Coffee (Needs Brewing) - 200g - VS Mani & Co.
Filter Coffee (Needs Brewing) - 200g - VS Mani & Co.

Filter Coffee (Needs Brewing) - 200g

Rs. 160

Country of origin: India 🇮🇳


It’s 6 AM on a balmy day. Fresh decoction goes drip-drip in Paati’s brass filter and the aroma of filter coffee wafts through our home. Paati pours hot, boiled milk into a tumbler containing thick decoction. She gives VS Thatha his first frothy cup, which he savours as he thumbs through the newspaper. Meanwhile, she prepares a tall flask of coffee for the entire household. Paati’s coffee-chicory blend is perfect - strong and aromatic, with no bitter aftertaste. Our mornings are punctuated by frequent doses from this beloved coffee flask. Thatha, especially, keeps coming back to it compulsively - we all loved Paati’s coffee, but none more than Thatha! We hope you relish it as much as he did.

With love,
from our home to yours.

    Filter Coffee (Needs Brewing) - 200g - VS Mani & Co.

    Filter Coffee (Needs Brewing) - 200g

    Rs. 160
    Directions for use

    1. Add coffee powder to the perforated top jar of your coffee filter (fill to about half the height of the jar, for a medium-sized filter).
    2. Fill it to the brim with water that is just below boiling temperature, and cover the lid.
    3. Wait 10-15 minutes for your decoction to drip down to the bottom jar.
    4. Pour fresh decoction into a tumbler, add hot milk and sugar to taste.
    5. Froth it up by pouring it back and forth between two tumblers (or a dawara and tumbler).
    6. Savour the flavour of authentic South Indian filter coffee!

    Nutritional information

    Per 100g of product, not including values of added milk and sugar

    Protein: 11.8g
    Fat / oil: 4.9g
    Energy: 283Kcal
    Carbohydrates: 27.9
    Cholesterol: 0g
    Vitamins: Traces
    Minerals: Traces


    Roasted and ground coffee blended with chicory. Coffee 80%. Chicory 20%.
    No added sugar

    Additional information

    Net Weight: 200g
    MRP: Rs. 160
    For Packed Date, Use By Date and Batch No. see pack.

    Usage tips: Once opened, store in an airtight container.

    Best Before 6 months from Packed Date (see on pack). Store in a cool, dry & hygienic place. Keep away from strong odour, moisture, humidity & sunlight.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 94 reviews
    Malarvizhi Sreekumar
    Namma kaapi

    After a long search I found real South Indian coffee

    Shine Rajendran
    Real Filter Coffee

    Latest addition to my brewed coffee addiction.

    Bharathi Ramanan
    Amazing Coffee

    I am not a coffee person basically but would definitely drink coffee once a week... I wanted to try this brand and for my surprise it was so tasty.. I felt I am drinking some kumkakonam degree filter kaapi... Yes it does did justice to that.. awesome flavour and I would definitely buy again..

    Meenakshy B

    Good quality and aroma