Ani Autographed Brass Dawara Tumbler
Ani Autographed Brass Dawara Tumbler
Ani Autographed Brass Dawara Tumbler

Ani Autographed Brass Dawara Tumbler

Rs. 499

Please note:

  1. All customized orders will be shipped after 4-5 business days of receiving the order as the product needs to be customized.
  2. Brass Dawara Tumbler set is available only on prepaid orders. 
  3. If you wish to have NO names on the tumbler, then please enter the number 0 in the name field.
  4. Please make sure that the names you enter show up during checkout.
  5. Unfortunately we won't be able to accept any modifications once the order is placed. 
  6. We reserve the right to send either gloss or matte finished Brass Dawara Tumbler set.
  7. Customised Brass Dawara set orders cannot be cancelled. 

Country of origin: India 🇮🇳

We want you to enjoy coffee the way VS (our Thatha) did. So we've got a Dawara Tumbler for you. Thatha would pour himself a hot cup - straight from the flask into his Dawara Tumbler, cooling it before he'd take a sip. The simultaneous swirl and pour from the Dawara to Tumbler didn't just cool down the coffee but gave it a whole lot of foam. We think you should most definitely try this at home.

    Directions for use
    Nutritional information
    Additional information

    These tumblers have already been sanitized, but we suggest washing it before you use it.
    The dull bronze shade is because we’ve not coated it with any added layer of chemicals.
    While you’re washing it avoid using steel wool, use a soft cloth preferably.
    Wipe after use to avoid staining the tumbler.

    Please note it will take up to 4 days for customisation and the font size will depend on the number of characters as there is only 22mm space for customisation on the dawara.