Cold Filter Coffee | 200 ML x 4 Cans

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Thatha and Paati were filter coffee purists, but Amma moved with the times. Soon after cafes burst upon the scene in our city, she began to whip up cold coffee at home - a yummy blend of filter coffee decoction, milk, sugar, and ice. In the unforgiving heat of Madras summers, it was sheer bliss. We'd gulp it down parched throats, admire our milk moustaches, and beg for more.
This can of cold coffee, made from our authentic filter coffee decoction, is a grownup tribute to our childhood treat. We hope it puts a smile on your face!
With love,
The VS Mani Family



Nutritional information

Nutritional information per 100 ml of Cold Filter Coffee

Energy (kcal): 55
Protein (g): 2.72
Total Carbohydrates (g): 10.1
Total Sugars (g): 5
Total Fat (g): 0.41
Calcium (mg): 106.5
Sodium (mg): 33.2


Double toned milk, Sugar, Coffee Arabica 6%, Coffee Robusta 3.6%, Water, Stabiliser (INS 407), Emulsifiers (INS 340, INS 452), Acidity Regulators (INS 339).

Customer Reviews

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Chandan P
Great coffee but...

It's a really good blend of Coffee and they've managed to get the quantity and the packaging ok point. The only thing that was a slight let down to me was the fact that it's slightly on the higher side of sugar.
If they can cut down on the sugar quantity, nothing like it!

Ashok Srinivasan
Yummy Cold Coffee

Good tasty filter cold coffee at a reasonable price.

Anu Bajaj

Little mild

Gurvinder Kaur
Chilled filter coffee

Very well developed coffee, a treat in summers.

Kishore Kumar

I thought it'd watery but damn me it was thick. Flavour was excellent. I shouldn't have bought it bcs I consumed everything in a go. Full on caffeine all the day. Thank you