Brass Dawara Set & Filter Coffee
Brass Dawara Set & Filter Coffee
Brass Dawara Set & Filter Coffee

Brass Dawara Set & Filter Coffee

Rs. 600 Rs. 610

Country of origin: India 🇮🇳

We want you to enjoy coffee the way VS (our Thatha) did. So we've got a Dawara Tumbler for you. Thatha would pour himself a hot cup - straight from the flask into his Dawara Tumbler, cooling it before he'd take a sip. The simultaneous swirl and pour from the Dawara to Tumbler didn't just cool down the coffee but gave it a whole lot of foam. We think you should most definitely try this at home.

    Brass Dawara Set & Filter Coffee

    Brass Dawara Set & Filter Coffee

    Rs. 600 Rs. 610
    Directions for use

    1. Add coffee powder to the perforated top jar of your coffee filter (fill to about half the height of the jar, for a medium-sized filter).
    2. Fill it to the brim with water that is just below boiling temperature, and cover the lid.
    3. Wait 10-15 minutes for your decoction to drip down to the bottom jar.
    4. Pour fresh decoction into a tumbler, add hot milk and sugar to taste.
    5. Froth it up by pouring it back and forth between two tumblers (or a dawara and tumbler).
    6. Savour the flavour of authentic South Indian filter coffee!

    Nutritional information

    Per 100g of product, not including values of added milk and sugar

    Protein: 11.8g
    Fat / oil: 4.9g
    Energy: 283Kcal
    Carbohydrates: 27.9
    Cholesterol: 0g
    Vitamins: Traces
    Minerals: Traces


    Signature Filter Coffee 200g + 1 Brass Dawara Tumbler
    Roasted and ground coffee blended with chicory. Coffee 80%. Chicory 20%.
    No added sugar

    Additional information

    The dawara tumblers have already been sanitized, but we suggest washing it before you use it
    The dull bronze shade is because we’ve not coated it with any added layer of chemicals
    While you’re washing it avoid using steel wool, use a soft cloth preferably
    Wipe after use to avoid staining the tumbler

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Subha Ravi
    I jus loved them

    Thanks a lot, expecting more of such brass utensils.

    Uma Karthik
    Good quality

    The brass dawara and tumbler is of very authentic.planning to order one more!

    Madhav Sharma K
    Great buy

    Got a good product. Great from Vs mani. Just go for it.

    Shine Rajendran
    Amazing coffee the Traditional way

    Mesmerizing aroma of roasted coffee beans took me to the authentic roots of making filter coffee the Traditional way. Love VS Mani coffee to the moon and back! Will be ordering again and again for sure!